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Baltimore’s Best Pizza “83” Times

Best Classic Pizza Joint.
Baltimore Magazine 1983 & 1988

Baltimore's best pizzeria
Jacques Kelly The Sun 1989

Best pizza in Baltimore is Matthew’s Pizza on Eastern Avenue 1996

Simplest, finest pies in the business/Deep, delicate, and oh, so divineTruly a pie for the ages.
Baltimore Magazine 1997

Best old fashioned pizza pie can still be found at Matthew’s
Rodricks 1998

I had my first date at the Patterson Theater and my first pizza at MATTHEW’S PIZZA
U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski Highlandtown Festival Oct 1998

Baltimore Magazine 1999

Matthew’s Pizza/This is da bomb/The pizza is ab fab. 2001

Matthew’s Pizza on Eastern Avenue/spinach-and-garlic pizza/Eat that and you could go off to your next life with no important pleasure missed.
Rodricks 2002

The chowhounds say there are many wonderful restaurants in Baltimore Matthew’s Pizza, on Eastern Avenue, is a winner.
Baltimore Sun 2002

"THE BEST OF THE BEST” We let you tell us who’s the best of the best. We asked, and you answered: Which you consider the best? The response was overwhelming, the most we’ve ever received. Pizza: Matthew’s Pizzeria THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE.
Baltimore Magazine 2003

Great Place for a Cheap Eat. Great Dining Value
Baltimore Magazine 2003

Best Cheese, Best Crust, and Best (Pizza) Charm/Bake them all together you get Matthew’s Pizza
CityPaper 2003

Great family pizza place/a cult classic in Baltimore/glorious pies/fun and delicious for the whole family
Baltimore’s Child 2003 Marketing Dir.McCully/Matthew’s Pizza is the highest rated business on

BestPizza 2003

Amtrak 2003

I’m going to Matthew’s Pizza on Eastern Avenue to get the best pizza in the world
MartyBass WJZ 2004

Matthew’s Pizza-a slice of heavenTheSun04 (Food:Outstanding)

National Public Radio, Food Panel:Matthew’s Pizza is the best
NPR 2004

Our kudos to Matthew’s Pizza. Why? Because it looked into the eyes of the mighty national chains—and proudly said, “Beat this!
Baltimore Magazine 2004

World-class pies at Matthew’s Pizza
DeltaSky 2005

BestPizza 05-06-08

Matthew’s Pizza kicked ass Awesome.Great pie. 2006

Simple pleasure is a pizza from Matthew’s Pizza
Marty Bass WPOC 2006

The service is excellent/the pizzas are like no other/Superb meal.
Baltimore Sun 2006

Superb meal.Iconic status.Incredibly low prices.Excellent service.
Baltimore Sun 2007

Easygoing near perfection of Matthew’s Pizza.
CityPaper 2007

City aims to catch culinary gravy train.
Jill Rosen, Baltimore Sun 2007

Matthews Pizza REAL DEALS-where the eats are worth the money/delicious ethnic food for a song/good value for your precious dining dollars/distinctive food, ambience and service that you’d gladly pay more for the experience/cheerful waitresses/cute-as-a button dining room/incredibly low prices/has iconic status for Baltimore natives/talk about deals.
Elizabeth Large, Baltimore Sun 2007

We have Matthew’s Pizza/Creative Alliance
Baltimore Magazine 2007

Best Buy.
Zagat 2008

Baltimore Guide 2008

Matthew's Pizzeria is an unexpected gem. Fabulous deep-dish pizza, reasonable prices, and great service. 2009

Best Buy, blow you away pies, their crab pie might be the best ever.
Zagat 2009

101 Things to Eat, See, & Do Before You Die, #65:Matthews Pizza.
Baltimore Magazine 2009

Matthew's has remained consistently excellent as well as affordable.
Baltimore Sun 2009 .

BestBuyAddictive pizza/Highlandtown eatery that’s lasted since 1943 for a reason/BlowYouAwayPies/top notch ingredients./served by a friendly staff/unending bliss/there’s always a line/CrabPieMightBeTheBestEver
Zagat 2009

Would you drive hundreds of miles for a slice of Matthew’s stuffed pizza/None of them have Matthew’s Pizza and its deep dish crab pizza.
Marty Katz, Editor, Zagat 2009

USA Today 2010

Zagat 2010

Excellent food, best bang for the buck, unending bliss. 2010

Matthews Pizza: Perfect 5 Star Rating for Quality, Service, Value. 2010

It calls itself Baltimore’s first pizzeria, and it very well could be its best as well. Its individual-size pies have the sweetest, freshest tomato sauce in town. 2010

"WOW....just...WOW. Where DO I BEGIN??? AHHHHH!!! I'm just going to start by saying that I am not from NY or Chicago, so I don't know what east coast pizza is. But honestly, I don't think it matters anymore. Matthew's Pizza has been classified under neither for reasons that I won't understand, but honestly none of that matters because the "both cheese" pizza that I ate here gave me a FOODGASM. TWICE. YES, you heard me. I am from the west coast and I didn't know what good pizza was until now. Yeah, I went there. This pizza is too good to be true. This pizza speaks for all pizzas that have come my way and leaves them in the dust. This pizza satisfied my taste buds in such sexy unfathomable ways I didn't think were possible. This pizza was memorable. Matthew's Pizza, where have you been all my life???",
M. Fabiola, Los Angeles California 2010

“We often never really knew what day of the week it was because if we were lucky, we ate the same crap every day and night . But if I happened to realize it was a Friday night, my mouth watered for a Matthews Pizza. I honestly would have committed any sin for a Matthew's. Because Friday was the day my dad picked up Matthew's Pizza for the family.
Vietnam Veteran from Highlandtown

CitySearch 2010-2011

BestPizza. 2010

BestPizza. 2010

BestPizza. 2010

Perfect5-StarRating. 2010

UrbanSpoon 2010-2011-2012-2013

Wonderful Pizza.
Baltimore Magazine 2010

Baltimore Magazine 2011

26 Most Deliciouis Crab Dishes
Baltimore Magazine 2012

Pizza Heaven/When you’re this good you don’t have to impress anyone.
Zagat 2012

Baltimore Magazine 2012

BestPizza. 2013

BestPizza. 2013

Doesn’t get better than this/Awesome pie.
Urbanspoon 2013

33 Best Pizzas In America. 2013

Insanely good deep dish pizza/friendly staff/modest tabs/offers a trip back to simpler times.
Zagat 2014

About six years ago, my dad and I were looking for a good place to have pizza before an Orioles game. It was wonderful! It's a small family owned restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. After six years, we still stop at Matthew's. We usually order a house salad and a mozzarella pie. The salad is made with the freshest ingredients and the pizza is cooked to order. The pizza is more like Chicago-style.

Top 10 Spots for Pizza: Matthew’s Pizza
Paula Deen: March/April 2014

Baltimore’s Best Pizza
Baltimore Magazine Reader’s Choice 2014

"Exceptionally good pizza"
The Washington Post 2014

“DAVID SIMON: As are many Baltimoreans, I am deeply partial to the Matthew’s Pizza crab pie” said the creator of the HBO series “The Wire” and the food-obsessed “Treme”.  About the Highlandtown pizzeria’s deep-crust, crab-topped pizza, Simon said “It’s unlike anything that calls itself pizza anywhere in the world. And when out-of-towners come to Baltimore -  even New Yorkers, who have the pick of some of the greatest pizza in Christendom – I often take them there” he said.  “It could not exist outside of Baltimore.”
The Baltimore Sun / May 2014

Mildred Mikulski-Cook ate her first pizza at Matthew’s Pizza in 1950 at the age of 11.  

Best Pizza
The Baltimore Guide 2014

The Best Pizzeria in Every State in America
Matthew's Pizza (Baltimore, Maryland)

"I have enjoyed eating your pizza since I was about 10 years old. I am now 55, so it's been a long love affair. Thanks for continuing such a great tradition in making such a good pizza!!!"
Michele Brool

Baltimore’s Best Pizza
Baltimore Magazine Reader’s Choice 2015

Baby on Board: Craving Chronicles
A series on navigating pregnancy in Baltimore.
By Megan Isennock - Posted on August 17, 2015

Matthew’s Pizza
We used to reserve Matthew’s for super special hangovers—the kind that settle in deep and really latch on, oblivious to the Gatorades you’ve chugged. But now it’s reserved for just being hungry for pizza. Though dining in is lovely, I recommend grabbing a three-cheese with pepperoni to go, and using the car ride home to really let the aroma permeate while you sip on a Limonata San Pelligrino, like you’re on holiday in Italy. Then bring it back to America once you’re back on your sofa with a Netflix nosedive.

Matthew's Pizza: As seen on the Travel Channel
Food Paradise: Pizza Paradise 3 (2015)

The Best Pizzeria in Every State
Best Pizza in Maryland: Matthew's Pizza 2015

Certificate of Excellence 2015

Mathews Pizza is a proud sponsor of "Back On My Feet Baltimore"

10 Meals Under $10: Matthew's Pizza (The Baltimore Sun, Dining Guide 2016)

The Best Pizza in All 50 states: Maryland (Matthew's Pizza) (2016)

Matthew's Pizza as shown on MSN's "50 Best Pizza Restaurants in the US"

10 Meals Under $10: Matthews Margherita Pizza
Baltimore Sun 2016

Matthew's Pizza does a crab-topped pizza that is out of this world.
The Experts' Guide to the Best Pizza Places in the World. Phaidon, 2016

The Baltimore Sun 2016 Dining Guide - 50 Best Restaurants

10 Meals Under $10: Matthews Margherita Pizza
Baltimore Sun 2016

36 Hours in Baltimore: Matthew's Pizza. "The backfin crab-topped pizza is an experience not to be missed."
The New York Times 2017


See Carin's article Crab Crawl in Charm City: Baltimore's Top 10 Crab Dishes! (2017)
(Matthews Pizza's Crab Pie "A seafood lover's dream")

How Maryland Made Up Its Own Pizza Style - U.S. Dining Spotlight, Episode 2

Amazing pizzas and salads (Zagat 2018)

Best Pizza 
Baltimore Sun 2018

“I love city life” Baltimore police trainees enjoying Matthews pizza

Best Pizza
TripAdvisor 2018

Food Network's Top 50 Delivery Pizzas in the U.S (2018)

The Absolute Best Pizza In Every State In America
Maryland: Matthew's Pizza, Baltimore (2018)

Fifty-Two years ago I was stationed in Japan in the Air Force I served  with a man  named Bocklege, Bock was from Baltimore,  We often tossed back many brews. Bock told me many times about your pizzas, and how much he missed them. After seeing you on TV I now see what he was talking about, WOW, thanks. Ken, Independence  Mo.
- Kenneth Y.

Forty-seven years ago Billy Loehr proposed to Libby at Matthews pizza.
"We went to the Paterson movie theater and then to Matthews for my favorite pizza. There on a paper straw in my Coke was a ring."

Baltimore Magazine
Slice of Life
Crab pie sums up the story of 75-year-old Matthew’s Pizza—and, just maybe, Baltimore itself.

"Their crab pie might be the best ever"
ZAGAT (2008)

Baltimore's Best Pizza
Baltimore Sun 2019

Matthews Pizza - Baltimore’s 100 essential food and dining experiences

Best Pizza
Baltimore Sun 2019

"I think it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had"
ZAGAT (2019)

5 Hour drive for Matthew's Pizza... It's worth it!

Best pizzas in Baltimore for 2019
Big 7 Travel

30 Years visiting Matthew's Pizza

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